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0 Things to Know Before Living with your Pets

by Kate Wilson

Every person has his best moments that will last forever. Meeting your pet for the first time may be one among those. You might be dreaming of buying a pet ever since you were a kid. Though pets don’t go to the extent of saving you from a burning building or from the bottom of the well, they can be quite helpful and entertaining too. Owning a pet can be an amazing experience if you are careful enough to choose wisely. However you need to consider some things before bringing your pet home. Here are a few tips which might help you.

0 Top 10 Tips to Keeping Your Furry Friend Warm This Winter

by Chris Martin

Here are ten suggestions for making sure that your furry friends stay warm throughout wintertime.

1. Raise their beds. Inspect the places where your pets sleep. Is there at last two or three inches of padding or space between your pet’s body and the surface on which the bed rests (especially outdoors)? If not, you pet will feel the cold emanating from the floor or ground.

2. Heat their beds. There are plenty of products on the market that can safely provide artificial warmth for your pet. So place a “snuggle disk” (a plastic frisbee-like object that can be heated in a microwave) or a hot water bottle in your pet’s bed for some extra heat while they sleep.

1 My Pet’s Music

We recently received a complimentary copy of “Classic Cuts” by Music My Pet. The CD is classical music that is specifically for animals to provide comfort and relieve anxiety. When we were asked to review the CD our first question was “What makes this CD better than a classical music CD we can pick up anywhere?” We were politely informed that this CD did not include the dramatic content that may occur in everyday classical music. That alone peaked our interest enough to want the opportunity to hear the CD!

Tom Nazziola, the president and creator of Music My Pet, is the talent and brains behind this remarkable CD. He personally edits, produces and performs all the music so that the dramatic sections are removed. The instruments used are known to calm pets such as the harp, piano, classical guitar, etc. Brass commonly used in classical music does not have a calming effect on your pets.

0 How to Care for Your Pets

by Kate Wilson

So, you have added a new companion animal in your life and family. Unlike your kids, pets too will be dependent on you for all the things including nourishment, safety, medical attention and exercise. You need to ensure that you render the best possible care for your pets. You need to know all the details of pet care right from selecting proper collar and ID tag, to food, a proper and a comfortable place for them to sleep and be at home, etc. The following tips would help you in taking care of your pets in a best way.

Give them proper food and water

Once you bring a pet home, make sure you cater your new companion animal with proper food that suits their nutritional requirements. It is always recommended to give them natural pet food. This will help the animal to maintain a good health shiner coat, better energy level and a happy life. Giving them table scraps is certainly not a good idea as your food could contain a number of minerals and other items in it; which could be certainly harmful to your pets. Giving them a balanced and complete diet could prevent the animal from the issue of obesity. You could explore this issue to find a precise list of food to be given to your pets.

3 To Declaw or Not to Declaw?

by Heather Legg

A big dilemma of cat owners is to declaw or not to declaw. Why do some decide to let their cats keep their claws while others think declawing is the only way? Some owners fall in the middle, and this can be a tough decision to make. Think about the pros and cons to do what is best for the cat, the owner, and the household.

To Declaw…

The best reason to declaw a cat is if the owner has a medical condition where her health could be compromised if the cat scratches and breaks the skin. There may be bacteria under the cat’s nails that can get under the owner’s skin and cause serious infections. Those with a health condition where this could be dangerous or life threatening may choose to declaw a cat.

2 Say Goodbye to Pet Stains & Odor

We as pet owners are always battling pet stains and odors. This happens a lot more when there is a new puppy or kitten involved but all too much with adult pets as well. Sick pets, aging pets or the pet with an attitude can all contribute to the ongoing problem.

There are products that promise to eliminate both the stain and the odor but few deliver with 100% satisfaction. The ones that come close are riddled with chemicals which are not acceptable in our world. So when we received a request to review a pet stain and odor remover product we immediately went to the site to check it out. Much to our delight the product was green friendly. That alone was reason enough to agree with two thumbs up to try the product.

2 Vacation Time! Oh Wait, What about the Pets?

by James Cave

You’ve been planning it for months, years even: the time off has been agreed, you’ve saved up for months and you’ve done enough research to compile a Lonely Planet. There’s just one problem: what do you do with the pets?

In many cases it’s not possible to bring them with you, especially if you’re going overseas. Some airlines do allow you to take pets with you, although they would be placed in cargo, however you would need to check with your accommodation at your final destination to make sure they also allow pets. You would also need to check what the country’s restrictions are on bringing pets into the country: some countries do not allow you to bring your pets in directly, and require them to go through a quarantine period which can last anywhere from a couple of days to several months.

Of course if you’re staying within your own country, this isn’t such a big issue, depending on how you’re getting to your destination. There are an increasing number of pet-friendly hotels, and if things really get bad you and Milo can pitch a tent together, although that might not be the dream vacation you had imagined.

5 Does Furniture Fabric Matter to Your Pets?

by Dave Thomas

It’s safe to say that if you have a pet, you love him or her with your entire heart.

For the pet owner that is trying to get their new dog, cat, or other animal to feel more comfortable around their new home, there are some tricks they can try.

Did you know that certain kinds of furniture fabric will help your pet better accommodate themselves?

Some fabrics are what you would consider “pet-friendly,” so you may want to look to them when making a furniture purchase and/or getting a new covering for your chairs, sofa, and bed.

Among the options:

1 How To Keep Your Pets Safe In The Garden

by Josh Doyle

We own 2 huskies. Chloe’ and Charlie and they are our substitute children, since the real ones are grown and gone. We also love to garden. People warned us that we could either have huskies or a garden, but not both.

Now, three years after getting the dogs, our garden – and the dogs – are still recovering. Here are some ways to keep your garden safe for your pets – and possibly, from your pets.

Poisonous Plants

Did you know that apple seeds have arsenic in them? While swallowing an occasional seed is not going to hurt anybody, animals have a much different metabolism, and wholesale consumption of entire apples (try a dozen in 15 minutes) can cause organ damage to your pets. So, if have apple trees, watch that your pets don’t gorge themselves on the fruit.

5 Why You’ll Love Artificial Turfs for Your Pets

by Jhon Magno

Pets like dogs, give fulfillment especially when a person arrives from a busy day at work. These cute and cuddly animals are also very much willing to run after you every time you feel alone and don’t have somebody to talk to. Their warm gesture of “licking” your face is enough proof that they will stay beside you no matter what.

Their loyalty and unconditional love as an everyday companion is very difficult to equate these days. Many of us experience being forsaken by our dearest friends, but never in the case of dogs.

Certainly, everyone can relate that they are truly a “man’s best friend”. Despite of being too sentimental about the matter, why not use it as a motivation to repay our well-mannered pets as we provide them some of the best things that life has to offer?

Giving them unique gifts is not an indication of spoiling them; it’s a clear demonstration of our affection. Even though some owners think that dogs will find it hard to understand, their innate animal instinct will serve as a clue that what we did is a desire to show appreciation to them for making our lives complete.

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