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2 What Do You Call A Group Of Turkeys? How ’bout Baboons?

The English language has some wonderful collective nouns for the various groups of animals. We have: Herd of cows, Flock of chickens, School of fish, Gaggle of geese, Pride of lions, Murder of crows, Exaltation of doves and Parliament of owls. And what is the proper collective noun for a group of baboons?
Believe it or not ……. a Congress!

For some unknown reason I found this to be quite entertaining and wondered what group of people or society came up with the the names for the various groups of animals. I did an extensive search for several days around the internet with no success in finding the answer. However I did find it interesting that some of the things we say like “memory of an elephant” perhaps came from the names given to animal groups. Have a look through the list and see how many you can find.

3 Petrific – Keep Your Pet Health Records Online (for free)

Petrific is the Cadillac of record keeping for your pets. If you have a pet, no matter if it is a cat, dog, rabbit, bird, fish, reptile, horse or any other imaginable companion you will love this site.

What is Petrific you ask! It is an online electronic medical record that helps you keep all of your pet’s vital information in one place. You can access this information from anywhere, so no matter where you are, you and the veterinary health provider can access the information needed to care for your pet. So if you are on vacation and heaven forbid something happens to your beloved pet, forgetting to pack those important records will not be a problem.

4 Beginners Guide to Tropical Fish

by Sarah Baxter

Keeping tropical fish has been popular since the time of the Roman empire – so it’s no wonder that Aquarium Technology is as advanced as it is today. However, no matter how many pumps, filters and cleaning gadgets you buy; keeping tropical fish healthy requires a little bit of care and attention. Here’s our guide to setting up and maintaining a happy fish tank.

Changing aquarium water

It might sound strange, but adding clean water to an aquarium too regularly can actually be harmful to your fish. Your scaly companions require a certain level of nutrients to be present in their environment: changing water too frequently will remove these nutrients, and can also introduce toxic substances such as chlorine into the tank.

4 Health Magazine Names America’s Healthiest Pets

Dogs Ranked #1 Healthiest For Benefiting Humans’ Happiness and Longevity

(New York, NY) – A wealth of studies suggests that pets are good for your health, sometimes in unexpected ways. The right pet can lower your risk for heart disease, curb stress, and even sniff out illnesses. In fact, the more attached you are to your pet, the stronger its protective health benefits may be. Health magazine asked three

2 Nearly Half of Americans Won’t Flee Without Fido

I received a press release from the American Humane Association which I nearly filed in the “No Sh*t, Sherlock” file here, but then thought I’d post it here since it does include some good information about what you might need to pack up for your pets should you ever be forced to evacuate your house in the threat of bad weather or fires.

So without further ado, here’s the

3 Pet Lovers Flock to Unique Dating Site

“Forget mainstream dating sites if you have a pet dog, cat, horse or for that matter any kind of pet, what most single pet lovers want is someone who can share the joy and responsibilities of looking after their pet” – says the founder of – the latest site for pet lovers that recently launched and is well on its way to its first 100,000 members.

Derek Collinson

0 How To Mix Saltwater

New seawater is going to be mixed many times in the future. Why not take a little extra trouble in the initial mix and save a lot of time later?

When purchasing the sea salt, obtain salt that is specifically designed for use with R/O water, as this should be used rather than tap water.

The net gallonage of the aquarium is known. Having purchased the dry sea

0 Fancy Guppies Make Colorful Pets For Your Aquarium

by Lee Dobbins

As with many animal species, the male Fancy Guppies are more beautiful than the female Fancy Guppies. Males come in a large variety of bright colors, like red, gold, black, blue and green- while females tend to only have gray or tan colors. These fish look most beautiful in aquariums when you have several of them to swim together.

Fancy Guppies like warmer aquarium waters

0 Can Animals and Animal Behaviors Predict the Weather

Do you think animals can predict the weather? In the USA, a groundhog is still used to predict the weather for up to six weeks in advance. If you see the groundhog’s shadow at noon on the 2nd of February, (Groundhog’s Day) then the weather will be cold and wintry for another six weeks.

Have you ever heard the saying that dogs act nervous and cats get frisky as

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