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You may be considering a new pet puppy for your children this Christmas. There are several things to consider before making that total commitment decision. One of the major decisions, in my opinion, is once you do have the beloved puppy how will you house train the creature. It takes total dedication and a lot of time to accomplish the task. We would like to give you some insight on fulfilling the training process as quickly as possible.

Health & Safety

With the holidays in full swing we would like to help you keep your pet safe with a list of foods for people but not for pets. And also a few non-food products to beware of. With all the additional cooking and eating we may be tempted to give a morsel here and there to our cat or dog to spread the holiday cheer. We thought it would be useful to have a quick refresher course on what to avoid giving our furry friends.

  • Grapes and Raisins
  • Can cause kidney failure

  • Chocolate (especially dark chocolate and cocoa)
  • Can cause seizures, coma and death

  • Many types of Nuts
  • Can cause weakness, muscle tremor and paralysis


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    With Thanksgiving under our belts (literally), the holiday shopping season is upon us. Today is Black Friday, and Cyber Monday is just around the corner. So we thought it would be a good idea to start talking about some unique gift ideas for our pet loving friends and for those who could use some help finding gifts for their pet loving friends. Starting with holiday gifts for dog lovers.