Another Reason to Banish Parasites

Bartonella is a type bacteria that can be transmitted to cats, dogs and humans from exposure to infected fleas and ticks. Dr. Jenna Ashton (DVM, MS, DACVIM) has a great article over on VetStreet that covers the ins and outs of Bartonellosis (yet another reason for pet owners to banish fleas).

While you may not be familiar with Bartonella, you’ve probably heard of cat scratch disease, a human condition caused by one form of this bacteria. As the name suggests, people can get this disease from the scratch or bite of an infected cat. But dogs and cats can get sick from these bacteria as well, often from exposure to infected fleas.

A Risk to Your Family’s Health
Although many animals can carry different forms of the bacteria, including dogs, wild canines, cattle and pocket pets, cats appear to be the main source for human infections with Bartonella henselae, the cause of cat scratch disease (or cat scratch fever). . .

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