Edible Enrichment For Hamsters


By: Animallama

Dried & Fresh Plants For Nutrition & Fun

Food plays two roles for our pets. It provides them with the nutrition they need, but it can also, in fact, should also be, something enjoyable and intellectually stimulating. Finding food is such a large part of wild animals’ lives, that our furry friends at home also need to be engaged by it to be healthy. Treating food as an enrichment activity promotes movement around the cage, which is a healthier type of exercise than obsessively running on a wheel. Many hamsters with suitably sized cages and lots of edible enrichment to forage and sniff and generally interact with will spend minimal time in their wheels compared to the stereotype.

With that in mind, when talking about treats, rather than picturing the animal equivalent of handing a child an ice cream, we need to think about a food experience. This has the bonus of ticking boxes for other senses as well as taste, and you get to watch your hamster manipulating things with their tiny hands, and whiffling their nose in an ultra-cute fashion. Depending on your preferences, your hamster’s temperament, your setup, and a whole heap of other factors, these food experiences can be provided either in the cage, or during free range, or both!

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