‘Game of Thrones’ and Huskies

It happens all the time – a dog breed or a certain type of pet becomes popular when a television show or a movie or a famous celebrity shines a bit of light or calls attention to them in some way. An increased popularity of clown fish following Dory, a keen interest in Scottish Folds from fans following Taylor Swift’s cats on Instagram, and most recently, an increased demand for Siberian Huskies. Why? Game of Thrones, of course.

The mega-hit HBO series Game of Thrones is nothing short of a cultural phenomenon, with an impact that goes far beyond the television landscape.

But what happens when fans clamor to incorporate as many elements of the show into their lives as possible? The show has sparked an increased demand for Siberian Huskies, and other dogs in the Husky family, because of their resemblance to the beloved direwolf—and not always with positive outcomes.

Just this week, actor Peter Dinklage (who plays Tyrion Lannister) urged fans, via PETA, to reconsider their desire to have a Husky as a pet solely because of their interest in the show…

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