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The Benefits of Getting Your Cat Microchipped

by Gayle Bentham

There are many benefits to getting your cat microchipped and the procedure can be done relatively cheaply and painlessly at your local veterinary surgery. A microchip is very small, about the size of a grain of rice. Using a syringe, a vet can quickly insert a microchip under the skin of a cat around its shoulder blades. Microchipping a cat costs around $30-$50 in the USA and £20-£30 in the UK.

Microchipping a cat is one of the best ways to identify your pet. While collars and tags work well also, while these can sometimes get lost, a microchip can’t. Some cats dislike wearing collars – they can cause discomfort and become snagged easily. Even if your cat doesn’t mind wearing a collar there is still the chance that it can become lost.