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How Deep is the Bond Between Dogs and Humans?

Most dog owners enjoy boasting that they have a deep understanding and an enduring bond with their dog. “My dog knows to wait for my husband at the door everyday at four,” the owner might say. “My dog will snuggle close to me if I cry,” another might comment.

While to the unattached, they may believe that these dog owners have devoted, or at the very least, relational pets, but the bond runs far shallower than the deep pools of love.

Yet many researchers not only agree with the claims of bonds between dogs and their owners, they have evidence to support it — finding dogs and humans share a bond not only unique – but stronger than any other relationship between animals and humans.

How deep is the bond between dogs and humans? In the PBS NOVA documentary, “Dogs Decoded”, several key pieces of research surface, proving the significant bond between owner and pet.