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Dogs two women walking dogs in the park

Exercise is Just a Walk in the Park

Exercise is vital to live a long and healthy life and when it comes to your cuddly canine, it’s no different. Exercising your dog is a fantastic way for you to spend…


Pet Health Concerns: Obesity

by Heather Reynolds It turns out that 40% of dogs in the United States are overweight. Although it shouldn’t be too surprising, with 34% of the human population overweight, it is still…


Losing Weight And Exercising More – Dogs And People Overcoming A Common Problem

If you are a dog owner, you don’t need to be convinced that your relationship with your canine companion is beneficial to you both. After more than 14,000 years of human beings keeping dogs as pets, there is no question that owning a dog must have benefits for both parties. Today, almost 40% of Australians and 37% of Americans enjoy these benefits of being a dog owner. Scientific research has provided evidence that pet ownership is associated with aspects of a healthy lifestyle, from additional physical activity to weight loss to companionship and social support.