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Pet Hotels of America

by Lisa Porter

Pet Hotels of America Launches, Simplifying the Search for Pet-Friendly Hotels and Hotels for Pets

I like to travel with my pet. So does my business partner. But it seems that up until now, it was a hassle. This is why we decided to build a website for one-stop pet-friendly travel planning.

Pet Hotels of America is the first website designed solely to provide comprehensive pet-friendly travel services so animal lovers can get specific information and reserve pet-friendly hotels, airlines and cars. The site eliminates the need for travelers who want to take their pets along to be forced into surfing multiple sites or thumbing through magazines to find what they need. We think anyone who feels this way will be glad that there’s finally an online community that understands this.


Bring Fido!

My mom doesn’t get to travel much, but when she does her cocker-spaniel goes with her. Sometimes it’s not so easy to find a place to stay that allows pets. One of mom’s favorite desitinations? The beach. Why? She can rent a pet-friendly cottage.

But what if you’re traveling and need to book reservations along the way where you know you and your dog will be a welcomed?


New Mobile Website for Pet Lovers

There is a new mobile website that provides pet owners and those traveling with pets mobile access to thousands of pet-friendly destinations and activities together with extensive pet-oriented content and information.

go2 Pets provides information such as pet-friendly outdoor dining, dog beaches, parks, campgrounds, trails, hotels, off-leash dog parks, unique cat toys, airline travel policies, toll-free emergency numbers and much more. Sponsorship of the site is provided by Purina


Tips For Traveling With Your Pet

Tips For Traveling With Rover.
by Ron Swerdfiger
I originally wrote this as a guide for dog owners, but I think many of the tips apply to all pets. 🙂

Whether it be on a vacation to your favorite resort, or just visiting the in-laws for the weekend, many people are choosing to take their dogs with them when traveling. Land or air, there are many things to take