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Cats cute orange kitten
The First Care Guide for your Whiskers

You might have noticed a lot of times that your kittens snuggle around you and keep their tails quivering, that’s their way of telling how much they love you. Sweet isn’t it? Although saying I love you too kitty isn’t enough as these loving felines need more care and affection than any other pets. Here are a few general guidelines for you to ensure that your cat lives a good healthy life.

  • Vet Checks

You should take your cat for a regular check-up and vaccinations to keep a tab on their health. If any change in cat’s meowing, acting, eating, walking etc is noticed you should take him in for a check-up as soon as possible.

Events cute dog wearing a witches hat sitting next to three pumpkins
Pet Safety Week 2013 – HAPPY HOWLOWEEN!

The second annual Pet Safety Week has begun! This year, Pet Safety Week is October 20 – 26. And to get the conversation started, Toronto Hydro-Electric System Limited (“Toronto Hydro”) and the Toronto Humane Society have their top picks for ‘Howloween’ costumes and safety tips for furry friends.

Halloween is a fun time for the entire family; make sure your pets are safe too…

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