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Articles that are all about our feathered friends. From budgies to parrots, several of the contributors here have pet birds, maintain bird-related websites, create bird-related products or services, and have a sincere affection for these clawed companions.

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The Great American Pet

Everyone loves a good pet, and dogs and cats are the most commonly owned household pets. However, they aren’t the only animals that can be called a pet, but there…

My Pet’s Music

We recently received a complimentary copy of “Classic Cuts” by Music My Pet. The CD is classical music that is specifically for animals to provide comfort and relieve anxiety. When…

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January is Adopt A Rescued Bird Month

We hear so much about adopting a dog or cat but rarely hear about adopting a bird. Birds are wonderful pets that provide comfort, companionship and entertainment.

In 2002, ASPCA declared that January would be dedicated to finding happy homes for the thousands of companion birds that are abandoned annually. These precious feathered friends will fly into your home and capture your heart.

There are countless breeds of birds to adopt. Do your research to learn which type would fit into your lifestyle for a long and rewarding relationship with your feathered friend. Some of the things to consider before adopting are cost, noise level, space and commitment. We have written a little about the five most popular breeds to get you started.

Parrots are Pets for Life

by Caitlin

Parrots make great pets because they’re beautifully colored and have the unique ability to imitate human voices. Importantly, parrots are intelligent, which makes them sociable and affectionate companions that require stimulation beyond a few toys or a couple of minutes’ playtime at the end of your workday.

So one of the most important things to consider before buying a parrot is how much time you can give to him or her. Parrots’ life spans, (particularly large parrots) rival human life spans, and so buying a parrot means gaining a companion for life.

Research suggests that a parrot’s time is divided up between eating, resting and playing. While you can diversify her diet by offering things like mineral chew stones and seed toys, you can really bond with your pet during play time. Try not to leave your parrot unattended or in silence for too many hours of the day as this can result in a bored or depressed bird. During work hours, turn on the radio softly, and try to look in on him during lunch times.

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