10 Common Dog Supplements (Infographic)


Health supplements for your furry best friend are at an all-time high in availability and options. While some can do wonders for your pup, it’s essential to educate yourself as a pet owner to know which are good and which are just fads. 

Always consult with your vet before getting your dog a new supplement. You and they know your dog best, so it’s important to get a supplement that will help a specific condition without causing any undue harm to your dog.

Gallant has gathered up this list of dog supplements and their ideal uses. A wide array of supplements are easy to come by at any pet store, but some require a veterinary note. The reason generally has to do with veterinary guidelines around strength and usages. Again, just to be safe, always talk to your vet – regardless if a supplement requires you to do so!

Once you find a supplement that your dog needs, though, the results can be downright exciting. For example, fish oil is great for dogs who need extra antioxidant intake or need some extra help curbing inflammation.

On the other hand, Azodyl is a powerful drug that has one specific use — to treat azotemia! It’s these nuances that pet medication companies don’t always hint on, yet they are essential.

Check out Gallant.com’s handy list of the 10 most common dog supplements!

10 supplements to help your dog thrive infographic

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