About Us

PETSblogs.com is a blog for pet lovers that provides helpful information, entertaining anecdotes, pet-related news, product reviews, and a directory of the best pets related blogs and websites on the ‘Net.

We’re the kind of people who have:

  • fed that stray cat
  • taken care of your dog while you’re on vacation
  • adopted a shelter pet (or two, or three)
  • rescued a horse because it needed rescuing
  • filed our own dog’s nails
  • dressed our cat in a hat to honor Dr. Seuss
  • given the gift of a pet – at least once
  • taken our pets on vacation with us
  • raised baby bunnies after they lost their mother
  • read Black Beauty, Charlotte’s Web, Travels With Charley, The Yearling, Old Yeller …
  • been comforted by the love of a pet
  • suffered the loss of a furry friend only to adopt again

While we have several regular authors, we also feature guest bloggers who contribute their pet-related anecdotes and articles to share with our readers. If you love animals and would like to submit an article or story, just contact us!

A word from the owner of PetsBlogs.com . . .

I love animals, always have. I’ve had pets around me for as long as I can remember. So did most of the relatives we’d visit when I was growing up. I was always drawn to them . . . grandpa’s dogs and ponies, grandma’s cats, an uncle’s rabbits, a neighbor’s horse, another neighbor’s bird . . . Nearly every picture of me as a child shows me holding or standing near an animal. The remarkable thing is that now, as an adult, I can still recall the names of those pets, though I have a hard time recalling the names of their owners. So what does that say about me? I’m a pet person, I was born that way.

As a little girl I dreamed of becoming a vet when I grew up. I think everyone who knew me just assumed I’d end up working with animals in some way. Then one day, during a 6th grade field trip to a local vet tech school, I discovered that I didn’t have the cookies for it. In fact, I tossed them up while watching a German Shepherd getting his teeth cleaned. I realized, standing next to the Coke machine sipping on the soda the teacher bought me to sooth my riled belly, that becoming a vet probably wasn’t in the cards for me. I remember it was a German Shepherd on the table. I don’t remember my teacher’s name.

While I didn’t become a vet (or a zoo curator, or any of the other animal-related professionals that seemed really, really cool as a kid) – I have had a lifetime surrounded by pets and they continue to be a huge part of my life.