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Canine Camp Getaway

Spring is in full bloom and summer is right around the corner. It is now time to start planning our vacations. Our goal is to find pet friendly locations where a vacation can be enjoyed by both canines, felines and humans and share them with you.

Do you love spending time with your dog? Does a vacation in the beautiful Adirondack mountains surrounded by dogs and dog lovers sound like your idea of a fun? If this describes you then we would like to fill you in on a vacation at Canine Camp Getaway of NY. It is definitely not for everyone but honestly it is hard to resist for the true dog lover.

General woman passenger with her dog on a train

Budget Traveling with Pets

Traveling with pets can be an exciting and rewarding experience. However, budget travel with a four-legged friend in tow can be a bit hard to come by. With airline boarding fees, the…


Woody’s Yappier Hour

Summer is upon us with vacations on the horizon. If perhaps you are planning a holiday near Kirkland, WA then you will want to visit and join in the weekly dog-friendly happy hour. Each month, the Woodmark Hotel and Beach Cafe have selected a beneficiary to receive a donation from a portion of the event’s drink proceeds. The press release below provides you with all the information. It’s a grand thing when events benefit pets in need!

The Woodmark Hotel and Beach Cafe announce the second Season of woody’s yappier hour.

Guests and their dogs are invited to a weekly dog-friendly happy hour on the shores of Lake Washington hosted by the hotel’s Guest Experience Manager Woody, the Labradoodle pup

Dogs photo of a happy spitz dog outside

Keeping Your Dog Happy

Dogs are great pets, wonderful companions and show you love no matter what! It isn’t really hard to keep your dog happy.

Owning a dog is a huge responsibility not to be taken lightly. They require minimum work to keep them healthy which in turn keeps them happy. If you are one of the lucky humans to have a dog you know it is one of the most rewarding life experiences that you can ever have.

Treat them more like a friend than a pet. Dogs need touch. They show their love by licking you so try no to scold them. I am sure they would pet us back if they could! There are several very good reasons that dogs are referred to as a man’s (or woman’s) best friend.


Bring Fido!

My mom doesn’t get to travel much, but when she does her cocker-spaniel goes with her. Sometimes it’s not so easy to find a place to stay that allows pets. One of mom’s favorite desitinations? The beach. Why? She can rent a pet-friendly cottage.

But what if you’re traveling and need to book reservations along the way where you know you and your dog will be a welcomed?


New Mobile Website for Pet Lovers

There is a new mobile website that provides pet owners and those traveling with pets mobile access to thousands of pet-friendly destinations and activities together with extensive pet-oriented content and information.

go2 Pets provides information such as pet-friendly outdoor dining, dog beaches, parks, campgrounds, trails, hotels, off-leash dog parks, unique cat toys, airline travel policies, toll-free emergency numbers and much more. Sponsorship of the site is provided by Purina


PETCO Investigates Dog Bite and Pet Shopping Policy

A “prescription for problems” is how lawyer, Kenneth Mollins of Melville, described PETCO’s policy of allowing pets to come into the store and “shop” with their owners. He has recently been retained by Diane Christian, mother of 5 year old Danielle, who was recently bitten in the face by a “shopping” Rottweiler. So far, the young girl has undergone a four-hour surgery to reattach her upper lip and has more