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Pet Lovers Flock to Unique Dating Site

June 2010 Update: It appears that this pet-loving, match-maker site is no longer what it once was. Kind of a shame really, and we hope that Derek Collinson has found another pet-loving…

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Five Cool Careers with Animals

Is it possible to do something that you love, and make money doing it? Most definitely it is if you love working with animals! There happens to be a number of jobs…


New Mobile Website for Pet Lovers

There is a new mobile website that provides pet owners and those traveling with pets mobile access to thousands of pet-friendly destinations and activities together with extensive pet-oriented content and information.

go2 Pets provides information such as pet-friendly outdoor dining, dog beaches, parks, campgrounds, trails, hotels, off-leash dog parks, unique cat toys, airline travel policies, toll-free emergency numbers and much more. Sponsorship of the site is provided by Purina


Furry Friends I Meet At Work

People everywhere are animal lovers. Whether they have a favorite pet or they just love all animals, if they love them then they probably also love to see pictures of them. When someone sees their pet on the internet they get a renewed feeling of pride about their pet. They want to show their friends and family that someone else thought enough about their pets to take the time to

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Ahhh, Pets – Gotta Love ‘Em

I used to be strictly a dog person. We always had dogs or puppies running around our house when I was a kid. We never had any cats or kittens. So as…