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My Paw-Talk Featured Post

I was asked to write a guest post over at Want to know what I wrote about?

If you haven’t ventured to that PETS website before, it’s worth a visit. Here’s what it’s all about:

Paw-Talk began in mid 2001. The goal was to fill a much needed niche – a forum devoted to all animals rather than just one or two species. It started


Ever Seen the Furry Godmother?

I have. And oh, do I have a treat for you. Please don’t spoil my surprise by clicking away before reading more and please don’t tell me that you’ve already visited the blog that Angela Goza (aka: The Furry Godmother) creates and maintains. I’d like to be the one that introduces you to this pets blog.

I strongly recommend, after reading this review of course, that you check out


Random Acts of Kittenness

If you love looking at pictures of adorable little kittens and then The Daily Kitten is for you! The first picture was posted on March 29th of this year and while I certainly didn’t count every picture in the archives, I believe Michael when he says they post a new adorable kitten every single day.


Otis & Buka

What’s NOT to Love?

I’m finally getting a chance to review (in much more detail) some of the blogs left in the comments of my Featured Pets Blogs page! I’ve decided to simply start with the first comment and work my way down the list as time permits. It takes us a long time to review a pets blog because we don’t just glance at it, we read


Tim Mollen’s Lost Journal

Okay, so it’s not “officially” a pets blog, but I enjoy reading Tim Mollen’s writing so much I’m going to actually include it in my featured blogs section here.

If you’re not familiar with Tim’s writing, you’re missing out! I know, I was missing out before he kindly left me a comment on this blog, pointing me to one of his recent columns, the London Broil story


3 Wise Cats

Lisa Stewart is an artist. Her simple and elegant lines create sophisticated illustrations on stationery as well as extraordinary linens and other home furnishings, decor, and even accessories these days. If you’ve never happened across the ECStewart Collections or  CalligaphyPets Collections in a gift shop near you, you’re missing out.


It’s The Dogs’ Life

Lora’s life has, as she readily admits, gone to the dogs. She’s got a houseful and they’re not small dogs, either. She has 2 Saint Bernards and 4 Labrador Retrievers.

I think one of the reasons I enjoy this pets blog and repeatedly visit it is the awesome header image, where her two Saint Bernards are prominently featured. That’s Brutus there on the left, and his litter mate, Rufus, on the right. What’s even more impressive is that Lora does the artwork herself and you get to see more of her talent inside the blog postings!


New & Improved

Back on May 23rd I noted that I was remodeling and now, June 2, I’d like to note that I appreciate everyone ignoring the dust while I chipped away at the 9,000+ spam comments and posts that needed to be weeded out.

I’ve recently taken over the blog for three reasons:

  1. I’d found it useful a long time ago when I had some trouble with my Appaloosa