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Guide to a Dog-Friendly Weekend in Phoenix

It’s estimated that 44% of households have at least one dog. This means that Phoenix, a city with around 1.5 million residents, could possibly have over 600,000 dogs. That’s a lot of…

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The Law on Transporting Pets

Many of us regard our pets as an extended member of the family and, as a result, like to take them with us on days out or even longer periods away from…


How to Take a Safe and Happy Road Trip With Your Cat

by Logan
If you’re taking a road trip with your cat in the near future, you may be wondering what exactly you should do before and during the trip to keep your cat happy and safe. Here are a few things you should consider trying out:

• Practice taking rides before the trip

Cats, unlike dogs, usually don’t particularly enjoy taking road trips. Most cats feel uncomfortable when they’re away from home. All the unfamiliar smells, sights, and sounds on a trip can make even the thickest-skinned cat feel anxious. A good way to prepare for the trip is to put your cat in his crate and take him for 15 to 20 minute car rides a few times before the trip. This will get your cat used to the way your car smells and what it’s like to ride in the car in a crate.


Budget Traveling with Your Pets

by Kelly Austin

Traveling with your pets can be an exciting and rewarding experience. However, budget pet travel is hard to come by. With airline boarding fees, the cost of supplies while on the go and the expense of pet friendly hotels, many get discouraged when considering traveling with their pets. While many people would love to take their beloved pet along on vacation, many find the expense and hassle of pet travel prohibitive. There are many ways that you can save on traveling with your pets and avoid breaking the bank.