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Health & Safety Should you get pet insurance

Should You Get Pet Insurance?

As any devoted pet parent knows, when we talk about our pets, we’re talking about family members. And, just as you do with your human family, you want your beloved pet to…

Health & Safety

Popular Pet Health Insurance Plans

by Liz Demcsak Owners know dogs are much more than a pet. They are loveable companions whose mission is to please, comfort and protect loved ones. Many view their dogs as another…


Pet Health Concerns: Obesity

by Heather Reynolds It turns out that 40% of dogs in the United States are overweight. Although it shouldn’t be too surprising, with 34% of the human population overweight, it is still…


Pet Insurance Can Save You Money

Out of the $47.7 billion dollars per year that the National Pet Owner’s Survey estimates will be pet owner’s total expenditures, 27 percent of that will go to veterinary care. The annual average cost for surgical visits for dogs is $532, and $278 for cats. In a struggling economy that number is enough to scare off potential pet owners. In my own experiences the fear of high vet bills deterred me from owning a pet for a number of years.


Is Pet Insurance Right For Your Pet?

by Amy Dunphy

Trying to decide if you should get insurance on your pet? There are of course pro’s and con’s to it. Years ago I decided to try it out. I thought, if something happened, it would be a good decision to have it. Some plans will cover basic vet care and heartworm and things like that. Read through the information below and make a decision for you