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Dogs disease prevention for dogs

10 Steps to Disease Prevention for Dogs

When it comes to keeping your dog healthy, there are simple steps you can take to prevent diseases. Dental disease, kidney failure and Lyme Disease can all happen if you don’t keep…

Dogs Dog Allergies

Caring for a Dog with Allergies

It turns out no one is immune to allergies, not even our furry friends. Hopefully, your dog doesn’t have a serious problem. Some allergy symptoms are mild, like increased scratching, runny eyes,…

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How to Keep Your Pet When You Have Allergies

by Jennifer Bell

It doesn’t take long for pets to become cherished parts of the family, so the thought of giving up a beloved family member when someone in your home has pet allergies can be heartbreaking. Fortunately, research has provided a better understanding of animal allergies and what can be done to treat them.

What Causes Allergies to Pets

It is not actually animal fur which causes allergic symptoms in people. Rather, it is caused from the proteins found in animal dander, saliva and urine. These allergens become airborne when the animal moves, gives you a kiss or eliminates waste. Allergen particles that are released into the air can stick on clothes and furniture, causing misery for the person who suffers from allergies.

Dogs close up of dog skin dermatitis

Approaching Dog Skin Problems

If you have a dog, it’s likely you’ve faced a skin problem or two. From hot spots to chronic, flaky skin, to allergies or worse, dog lovers are often frustrated when their…


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Treating Dog Allergies This Spring

by Dr. Andrew Jones

dog running through yellow flowersDog allergies are one of the most common conditions affecting dogs. Dog allergies can be very frustrating for both yourself and your dog. The constant itching and scratching, paw licking and chewing, skin rashes or chronic ear infections can make life very unpleasant.

Dogs allergies become noticeable when your dog’s immune system reacts excessively


The Latest Itch on Allergies

It used to be the allergic reaction to flea bites, or flea-allergy dermatitis, that used to give pet owners reason for concern. However, with the creation of more effective flea-control products, the incidents of flea-related allergic reactions have decline dramatically.

Taking place as the number one reason for most pets itching and scratching, this year, is a mixture of inhalant (environmental) and food allergies. Environmental allergies, usually caused by