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Dogs guilty dog next to a hole she chewed in a leather sofa

How to Combat Destructive Chewing

Destructive chewing is a fairly common habit in dogs, and a seriously undesirable one. It is not only inconvenient for owners, but it can also be dangerous for the dog. Thankfully, destructive…


Get Started with Crate Training!

by Eric Bogard

Have you ever noticed your dog hunker under a table, bed or chair?

Whether frightened -say by lightning and thunder- or not, dogs are not all that separated from their wild ancestors. Certain ‘in the wild’ instincts and behaviors still remain such as seeking a den for protection, comfort, and psychological satisfaction. If left without a designated place to call his or her own your dog will actively seek shelter wherever deemed appropriate (not by you but by your four legged friend, of course). However, by tapping into your dog’s natural tendencies a crate will provide the very comfort and solitude so very wanted.

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E-Training for Dogs

If you are serious about training your dog or earning the Associate Dog Trainer (ADT) Diploma or the Dog Behaviorist Diploma, you can now do it online at E-Training for Dogs. Dr.…

Dogs dog asleep after hours of studying

How Dogs Learn

Dogs are creatures of habit. They learn through repetition and consistency, (doing it the same way every time). Dogs are social animals and they see you as their pack or family. They do not want to be excluded from everything that is going on with the family. A properly trained dog can be communicated with just as a human family member. It takes practice and repetition.

When training your dog always remember that dogs don’t learn sentences. They learn one word commands by tone inflections. We speak to them like they understand and they are attentive and giving you a lending ear at anytime but they do not understand every word. They are fully capable of learning thousands of one or two word commands.

Dogs little yorkie puppy laying on a colorful rug

House Training a New Puppy

You may be considering a new puppy for your children this Christmas. There are several things to consider before making that total commitment decision. One of the major decisions will be centered…

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