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Decoding Your Dog (Infographic)

As all dog owners know, each and every dog has a personality completely unique to them. While dogs can’t talk (thank goodness, right!), they can still speak volumes without the ability to…

Cats cat on a woman's lap

Raising Pets to Play Nice

Growing up, I remember a time when our family cat would hiss at anybody with a baseball cap and bat at people who smelled of cigarette smoke or new perfume. As he…

Dogs guilty dog next to a hole she chewed in a leather sofa

How to Combat Destructive Chewing

Destructive chewing is a fairly common habit in dogs, and a seriously undesirable one. It is not only inconvenient for owners, but it can also be dangerous for the dog. Thankfully, destructive…


E-Training for Dogs

If you are serious about training your dog or earning the Associate Dog Trainer (ADT) Diploma or the Dog Behaviorist Diploma, you can now do it online at E-Training for Dogs. Professionals,…

Dogs two dachshund dogs eating grass in the yard

Why Do Dogs Eat Grass?

by Adam Cairn Have you ever seen your dog eating your lawn? Many dogs do it, some regular and some sporadic. It’s a behavior which confuses dog owners who struggle to understand…


Six Suggestions To Understanding Aggressive Habits in Canine

Does your canine gnarl or chunk? Does he show any violent actions? If he does, he maybe is an aggressive canine, and this sort of dog is usually dangerous. Nonetheless, it could still be too early to conclude.

There are explicit conditions when dogs act violently, akin to when they see new faces or different canines, or when they are harassed. Their response to these situations is but normal. Given this, how can we then know if our dog is aggressive or not?


Adopting an Older Dog?

Here’s What You Need to Know!

There are times when you inherit an older dog, accidentally or otherwise. Some may be strays you rescue from the street, others may be dogs whose owners cannot take care of them for some reason or the other, and yet others may be those you bring home from the pound. However they come into your life, looking after older dogs is a different experience from taking care of puppies. There is a tremendous need for adopting older dogs as most would opt for the puppy. You can experience much pleasure when you save an older dog from the alternative. In general, here’s what you need to know when it comes to taking care of your adopted older dog:

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