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Dogs double sided collapsible pet bowls

Mindfull Pet Products

We receive a lot of email and it is generally the unique idea or interesting approach that catches our attention. In the case of Jose Barrios and his portable, collapsible, double-sided dog…


Enter The Shark Tank

Want to be on ABC’s new reality show?!

I love new pet inventions and often post about them here on PETSblogs. Today I’m writing about Enter the Shark Tank in hopes of seeing a PETSblogs reader featured this fall on ABC’s new reality show!

The folks at ABC/MarkBurnett Productions are currently searching for inventors who have an interest in having their products or inventions evaluated on a network


Flea Zapper

I own a flea comb and use it pretty regularly on my dogs. And I generally keep a bowl of soapy water next to me as I use it because it really works – and if I end up with a flea or two on the comb, I’ve found the easiest thing to do is to quickly brush them off into the bowl of soapy water.

So when


Tony Lytle’s Doggie Fountain

Looks like Tom over at Invention Home just might be my new best friend. He’s sent me yet another pet invention alert. And this one I not only have to mention, but would actually stand in line to buy the minute it hit the shelves.

I have two rather large outside dogs so we fill very big water bowls quite often. How cool it would be to


Barbara McNew’s Critter Litter Invention

Tom over at sent me a quick email to let me know about Barbara McNew’s new invention – the critter litter box. Evidently Barbara doesn’t like emptying her litter box. Does anyone?

Her invention solves the tedious job of litter box duty (pun intended) by making the entire litter box disposable. Hmmm. Interesting indeed.

My first thought was to shun the idea of yet another