Author Amanda Green

Amanda is a freelance writer who most often writes about finance and business but when she can she loves writing about health and animals, 2 of her passions! Amanda's normal writing topics include things like how to afford expensive vet bills for your pet or reviews of pet products like one from America's Pet Store. Amanda's favorite breed of dog is the Bernese Mountain Dog, and she can't wait to get one when she has more space to let it roam!

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Everyone loves a good pet, and dogs and cats are the most commonly owned household pets. However, they aren’t the only animals that can be called a pet, but there are a few other animals that are almost as popular as canines and felines:

Reptiles — Did you know that American’s own about 13.4 million reptiles? This includes snakes, lizards, and even turtles. Most reptiles are fairly low maintenance, so they don’t require too much work to care for. Just keep them fed, give them enough room to move around in, and they’ll be awesome exotic pets that will be a companion for life! They can live a long time — Iguanas can live up to 20 years — and they won’t be too much work for you to keep.