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Dogs Protect your trees from your dog

How to Protect Your Trees from Your Dog

When it comes time for your dog to put their nose to the ground and get down to business, most owners are often happy enough that their dog is about to go…


Hypoallergenic Dog Breeds

For those of you out there who suffer more severely with pet allergies, but adore being around four-legged friends and are perhaps even considering a canine companion, we decided to compile a list of dog breeds that are kinder to dog lovers with allergies than most.

In reality, there’s no such thing as a hypoallergenic dog. All dogs have allegens (hair, dander, saliva) that can aggravate or cause a reaction in people who suffer from such allergies. Totally hairless, long-haired, and wire-haired dogs that don’t shed nearly as much as other dog breeds are generally considered to be more tolerable to allergy sufferers, but they still produce allergens and can bring additional allergens in from the outdoors (pollen, dust, mold).

That being said, here’s a list of 38 dog breeds that tend to be more allergy-friendly.

Dogs yellow lab with the words intelligent, friendly, loyal, and loveable

Top 10 Dog Breeds of 2009

In January, the American Kennel Club announced the most popular dog breeds of 2009. The Labrador Retriever is still making the top of the list as America’s most popular dog, but the German Shepherd isn’t far behind. Read the AKC’s official press release, see the Today Show’s slide show, and learn more about the HSUS petition to help stop puppy mills.


The Intelligent and Energetic Australian Cattle Dog

The Australian Cattle Dog, also known as the Blue Heeler, the Queensland Blue Heeler, and the Queensland Red Heeler, is a breed from the 19th century. Because of Australia’s rugged and demanding terrain, stockmen found themselves in need of a herding dog strong and tenacious enough to withstand the continent’s conditions. Although the specific breeds used for the modern day Cattle Dogs is unknown and hotly debated among breeders, it is speculated that Dingoes, Dalmatians, Bull Terriers, Smooth Haired Scotch Merle Collies (themselves a cross-breed between the Rough Haired Scotch Collie and the Blue Italian Greyhound), and Australian Kelpies play a role.


Flat Coat Retriever

by Geoffrey English

The Flat Coated Retriever is a gun dog that originated in the United Kingdom. Not as well known as other types of retrievers, such as the Golden and Labrador retrievers, the Flat Coat Retriever shares many characteristics with these other breeds in that it will assist the hunter on both land an water, retrieving with ease when hunting waterfowl or upland game.

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Dogs puli and chinese crested dog breeds in watercolor

5 Rare and Unconventional Dog Breeds

by Jeff Nenadic

The domestic dog has been with us for thousands of years and evolved into a multitude of breeds, all with distinct characteristics. Among these breeds are some of the most unusual and rare dogs in the world including those listed below. However, if you do decide that you would like to own a rare breed study as much as you can about the animal before you


Is a Labrador Retriever the Right Dog For You and Your Home?

by Jeff Nenadic

To refer to the Labrador Retriever as an extraordinary breed would be nothing short of an understatement. Characteristically, being in tune with their masters is a requirement of their personalities so it is important that the owner understand what the animal was bred to do namely hunt and retrieve. In order for a Labrador to find birds or ducks that were shot down


Knowing and Understanding Your Border Collie

by Jeff Nenadic

Oftentimes considered the most intelligent of all breeds of dogs, the Border Collie originated in the English and Scottish border country, and is an excellent sheep herding dog. They were plentiful in numbers in England and Scotland during the 1800’s when they were used as fetching dogs in order to circle sheep herds and keep the animals close to the shepard. By 1873, sheepdogs known as


No Shed Dog Breeds

No shed dog breeds are quite popular for people who have allergies. This is also a likely preference if you would like to own a dog but do not wish to be cleaning and vacuuming as often.

Here’s good and bad news for you regarding no shed dog breeds.

There is no such thing as a “no shed dog breed” if you are looking for a dog that


Are Dalmatians Dynamic Companions Or Unruly Boisterous Thugs?

by Richard Cussons

dalmationThe Dalmatian is one of the most recognized dog breeds in the world because of his trademark black spotted white coat, his popularity as a fire dog, and his fame in movies. However, it hasn’t always been glitz and glamor for the Dalmatian. This dog belongs to the Non-Sporting group and was originally used in Europe during the 19th century as a

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