Writing for PetsBlogs

If you’re an animal lover with a particular expertise, pertinent knowledge, great anecdotes or just something pet related you’d like to share with other pet owning animal lovers we’re interested in you and what you’ve got to say!

We have been publishing articles for pet lovers since 2005 and are always on the lookout for regular contributors. Please review the 4 simple guidelines below before submitting your article.

Contributor Guidelines

1. Your article must be original.
By original we mean (1) you wrote it and (2) it’s not published anywhere else. Should we find it’s not original, we won’t consider publishing it and will remove it without any notice if it somehow slipped through the cracks.

2. Your article must be relevant.
You’d think that would go without saying, but believe us – it needs to be said. PetsBlogs is all about animals, pets, and the people who love them. We’re interested in all things animal. If you have something to say about dogs, cats, birds, horses, or any other creature in the animal kingdom, we’re listening. If you’re writing about car insurance or gambling, we’re not interested, no matter how many pet-related references you toss into the mix.

3. Your article can include links.
Yep. You heard right. You can place links inside the body of your article IF they are essential to the understanding of the article (or as a reference for stats, etc). However, any links included in the article or bio may be removed and/or edited as we see fit during the editorial process.

4. Your article must include your bio.
Provide a short bio (2-4 sentences) when you submit your article. If you don’t have a bio ready, don’t submit your article. (Feel free to include links to any social media accounts right inside the bio box, too.)

Submission Form

    Notice: Editorial Rights
    Should your article be accepted, we reserve the right to make minor edits during review – prior to publication. Such edits may include, but are not limited to, spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, links, images, etc. By submitting your article you are granting permission for such.