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Chinchilla Care: 7 Important Tips

So you’ve found a chinchilla for sale that you want to buy but want to make sure that you can care for your chinchilla as good as possible? Good, that’s just the right attitude. Here are 7 important tips for chinchilla care that every owner needs to know…

1 · Chinchillas Are Skittish

Though chinchillas can grow accustomed to human interaction especially if they were handled properly as

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Introducting The Chinchilla

What has large button eyes, the body of a rabbit, large ears of a mouse and tail of a squirrel? While the descriptions help one to visualize a chinchilla, these do not give credit to the world’s most adorable creature.

The Chinchilla is a member of the rodent family originating from the Andes Region of South America. Chinchillas are the most exotic rodents in the world because of their