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A Dogs Dinner – Sizeable Differences

Your dogs diet is one of the most important factors when it comes to his or her health. You’ll probably already know that a puppy is better off eating puppy food, an adult – adult food and a senior dog, well you guessed it – senior food. But is there more we can do? Of course, there are slight differences in requirements for separate breeds but it’s the size of the breed, the size of the dog bowl and what goes into it that really matters.

For example, as puppies – larger breeds are prone to diseases that can be a result of energy, calcium and phosphorous dense diets. Hip Dysplasia is a common example of this. With this in mind, tailoring their diet to include less energy, calcium and phosphorous is a good idea. A simple way of thinking of this is that larger dogs are a lot slower and more cumbersome then their smaller counterparts and thus require less of certain nutrients per pound.