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Dogs dog wearing a winter coat

Dressing Your Dog with Dignity

by Stephen Burroughs

It’s that time of year again—the Western Hemisphere is officially cold. We grumpily don our flannels, poofy jackets and ridiculous hats; all the while we bemoan the weather and reminisce about the months where we could comfortably complain about the heat. Summer is over and it’s time to bundle up.
Unfortunately, some of our four-legged friends don’t have that option. Short haired dogs still need to walk and potty in the winter months, but the season’s chill affects them more than it does their longer-haired cousins. Dog clothing is the obvious solution, but many pet owners dress their dogs in silly, frivolous and undignified clothing that’s neither practical nor flattering. Maybe dressing your dog in a French maid outfit has its place in the home, but out in public your pooch will know when people are laughing at him. It might seem absurd, but it’s absolutely true—and it all has to do with the dog’s owner.