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Art and Photography to Overcome Fear of Dogs

by Brandi Fitzgerald

We are all born unafraid. We are all born without the desire to judge and we are all born innocent yet prewired for learning.

When I was young, I managed to acquire a very deep fear of dogs. This fear, at times, was paralyzing. I had vivid dreams of being chased – usually onto the top of a car where the dogs weren’t able to jump high enough to get to me. I wouldn’t go outside alone at night for fear of a dog wandering the neighborhood that would see me and chase me back into the house.

I lived in the epitome of suburbia on the East side of Boca Raton, FL. where there aren’t really wandering dogs. Lizards, maybe. Dogs, probably not. (If it were 2011 when I was growing up in Boca Raton, It would be a pooch in a pocketbook before a loose pooch on the street.) I even grew up in a house with two dogs – Hazel & Heide. “Haze” was a shephard mix that my uncle found on the road on his way home from leave from the Navy. Heide, well to this day, I am not sure where the little black dachshund, came from but I do know that my grandmother loved those dogs like they were her kids.