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Reptiles: The Bird Alternative

As the need increases for low-maintenance companions, more and more people are turning to reptiles as the pets of choice. Due to the fact that the apartment-style life is not always accommodating for the dog or cat, pet owners are more likely to resort to aquarium friends or reptile buddies. The gecko, iguanas, bearded dragons, boas, pythons – the list goes on and on.

However, while reptiles are often

More Pets & Animals

A Home for an Iguana

by Jeff Crosby

Iguanas are not overly active creatures, but they do need room to move freely. One of the most popular pet lizards available in pet stores today, iguanas are inexpensive to purchase, often misleading people to believe that they are cheap, easy to maintain and, sadly, practically disposable. Many pet stores will sell iguanas for as low as $10-20.00 yet fail to tell potential buyers that iguanas