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AlleyCat Allies Urges Action to Save the Cats of Cape May

Local Officials Resist “Bullying” by Federal Agency

CAPE MAY, N.J.— The City of Cape May, N.J. has been pressured by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to abolish its successful 12-year-old Trap-Neuter-Return program for outdoor cats, despite resistance from the city’s mayor, several city council members and many residents.

“If the federal government is allowed to overrule local support for Trap-Neuter-Return, most of the cats in Cape May

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How to Fight Breed Ban Legislation

Breed-ban legislation has been cropping up across the country. Does it truly help? If a breed-ban is placed in your city or town, will it stop dogs from attacking people?

The answer is no. Breed-bans are not the answer. But if this is the case and breed bans are not the solution to serious dog attacks, what can we do to protect the most vulnerable people in our society

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The Dog-gone News

S250, a bill to prohibit canine ear cropping in Vermont, passed out of the Senate Judiciary Committee on Friday and now moves to the full Senate. The bill was amended slightly to clarify that owners will not be penalized if they have their dogs’ ears cropped in another state, where the practice is legal. The new version also includes references to Vermont veterinarians’ general support for the bill, as well