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Cats two huskies

How To Keep Your Pets Safe In The Garden

by Josh Doyle

We own 2 huskies. Chloe’ and Charlie and they are our substitute children, since the real ones are grown and gone. We also love to garden. People warned us that we could either have huskies or a garden, but not both.

Now, three years after getting the dogs, our garden – and the dogs – are still recovering. Here are some ways to keep your garden safe for your pets – and possibly, from your pets.

Poisonous Plants

Did you know that apple seeds have arsenic in them? While swallowing an occasional seed is not going to hurt anybody, animals have a much different metabolism, and wholesale consumption of entire apples (try a dozen in 15 minutes) can cause organ damage to your pets. So, if have apple trees, watch that your pets don’t gorge themselves on the fruit.