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Dog Itchy Skin and Dog Gas: Is There a Connection?

by K.C. Jones

Is your dog’s itchy skin driving you crazy with the constant scratching? Does your dog have gas that can  clear a room, too? Have you ever thought there might be a connection between the non-stop scratching and foul odors filling your home?

Dog gas is essentially your dog eliminating toxins from his body. When the digestive system is unable to  process and utilize nutrients, noxious


Cat Claw Survival Solutions

by Kimberly Aita

Cats can be ill tempered and mean on their worst days, but even the most annoying problems have a remedy somewhere. If your cat is clawing your furniture, your carpet, and your legs with the same ferocity, understanding the how and why behind the behavior can help you redirect your feline friend’s clawing instinct to be expressed in less destructive ways.

So why IS your


Make a Hanging Cat Scratching Post

by Robert Hampel

Some cat furniture can be intimidating. The shear size of some cat scratching posts can threaten to take over an entire room. For people with both cats and small spaces there is an answer – make your own high quality and compact cat furniture.

It’s easy and inexpensive to make a very nice scratching post that hangs on any door knob. It takes up no