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Dog Treat Recipes

It’s always best to buy natural dog treats to save your pet from unnecessary additives that may pose health threats. Fat and sugar-rich dog treats contribute to weight problems and should, most often, be a complete no-no.

When looking for good dog treats, look for ones that have a high concentration of fibers and proteins. Treats that consist primarily of fish are always good. And treats that consist of dried meats (like venison) are also good. Both have a pretty strong odor, but dogs love them and they’re often low in calories and fats.

If you’re using treats as a positive reinforcement during training, try cutting back on the portions at the next meal time to help balance his diet. A good rule of thumb is to not let dog treats make up more than 10% of your dog’s diet! I have, on occasion, used multi-grain Cheerio’s as training treats for my Cairn Terriers since it allows me to give several treats over the course of working with them without it being too big of a snack.

When choosing treats, rely on your instincts when you’re label-reading. Or why not try making some of your own. Here are a couple of our favorite recipes. They’re easy to make and the dogs love ’em.