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Ball Python Care

by Ricky from Ricky’s Reptile Enclosures

There are few pets on the market today that elicit the same response as snakes. Just mention the word snake around the dinner table and at least one person will cringe! Over many years of TV shows and stories being passed down about snakes being notorious killers of man, it is hard to convince everyone that some snakes are actually more docile then the common hamster. The stigma surrounding snakes has become less daunting over the past 20 years, with the Ball Python becoming one of the most common pets owned throughout North America. When Ball Pythons were originally introduced to the public as pets they cost several thousand dollars, but today with breeders on the corner of every street the price of the common Ball Python has dropped to only around fifty dollars. With millions of Ball Pythons changing hands every year there has become a growing need for information. The internet has provided an avenue for sharing information with consumers, regardless of the information provided.