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Cool Pet: Beating That Dog Day Heat

When we, as humans, exercise and sweat, it is highly recommended that we not only drink plenty of water, but that we also drink mixtures that are high in electrolytes, such as Gatorade. Additionally, electrolyte-rich drinks are often used to help hydrate sick infants and children, particularly those who are at risk of dehydration, due to nausea and/or fevers. Often overlooked, however, are our canine companions. New veterinarian-recommended doggie “health-drinks”

PETCO Investigates Dog Bite and Pet Shopping Policy

A “prescription for problems” is how lawyer, Kenneth Mollins of Melville, described PETCO’s policy of allowing pets to come into the store and “shop” with their owners. He has recently been retained by Diane Christian, mother of 5 year old Danielle, who was recently bitten in the face by a “shopping” Rottweiler. So far, the young girl has undergone a four-hour surgery to reattach her upper lip and has more

The Latest Itch on Allergies

It used to be the allergic reaction to flea bites, or flea-allergy dermatitis, that used to give pet owners reason for concern. However, with the creation of more effective flea-control products, the incidents of flea-related allergic reactions have decline dramatically.

Taking place as the number one reason for most pets itching and scratching, this year, is a mixture of inhalant (environmental) and food allergies. Environmental allergies, usually caused by

Health & Safety
Pet Meds on the Web: The Hows and Whys

More and more online pharmacies are popping up, across the web, to serve the needs of their customers. With these customers spending more than $3 billion a year on medications, it’s no wonder that they have become one of the newest business trends. Even more amazing? These medications are not for human consumption, but for dogs, cats, birds and other pets!

Websites that sell everything from prescription medications to

Health & Safety
2nd Horse Euthanized at Pimlico

Officials at Maryland’s Pimlico Racecourse have announced that a second horse that was euthanized is suspected to have had Equine Herpesvirus – Type 1, also known as Rhino. As a result of this, the Maryland Department of Agriculture has placed a ?hold? order on the barn in which the horse had been stabled.

The Equine Herpesvirus – 1 causes severe upper repertory infections, neurological disease, and is highly contagious

Dozens Dead Following Dog Food Toxins

Issuing a recall in December, the maker of Diamond Dog Food noticed that it was receiving contaminated corn a month before it got into the food, a company official stated. While employees had been warned to test closely for the naturally-occurring aflatoxin, it is assumed that a pocket had been missed in one of the shipments, claims Mark Brinkmann, Diamond Pet Foods’ chief operating officer.
The mistake resulted in the

Health & Safety
Disease Outbreak in Washington, Pet Owners Beware!

Disease Could Spread from Pets to Humans…
Since last month, at least 11 dogs in Washington State have been diagnosed with a bacterial disease known as leptospirosis, two of which have died. These are reportedly the first outbreaks in roughly 25 years. Veterinarians claim that, if not treated quickly, this disease could make its way to humans.
Usually picked up by pets, when they drink from water that has been

Latest News: Microchips and Your Pet

Microchipping News
A bill was sent to President Bush to sign, this Thursday, supporting the use of open pet microchip technology in the Agriculture Appropriations Bill. Both Houses of Congress seek the ability to add different languages to the program, thus creating a system that would enable all scanners to read all pet microchips, regardless of where they originated.

Previously, the U.S. House of Representatives had included language that

Canine Hip Dysplasia and Your Dog

Nutrition has been found to play a part in canine hip dysplasia, and what kind of symptoms are shown. While a dog can develop this condition without regard to weight or nutritional deficiencies, dogs which are obese (overweight), will show more symptoms, when added weight puts stress and strain on their own joints. In addition to this, puppies who are fed a diet that is high in protein and high

Avoiding Common Household Poisons, Part One – Cleaning Products

by Sandra Yvonne Duke
Keep an eye on your clean products for your pets sake.

Cleaning products, foods, plants, and other common household chemicals can be poisonous to your dog.

Cleaning products.
All cleaning products should be kept out of reach of pets, but some can be accessed in ways you might not think about. Few people know it, but dish soap is poisonous to people and pets

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