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How to Stop Pets From Peeing on Carpets

Both cats and dogs are very olfactory creatures. Many decisions they make are based on what they smell. We as people will walk into a room and look around and size up…


Can Cesar Help Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz?

Ever watch Cesar Millan walk into someone’s home, hear dog owners explain the issues going on with the family pet and then help the owners take control and become the leader of their pack? I once spent an entire Friday night watching episode after episode during a Dog Whisperer marathon.

Cesar Millan, the renowned dog behavior expert known as the Dog Whisperer, has a


Why Does My Dog Love Me?

by Marc Goldberg

A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.Josh Billings (1818-1885, US Humorist)

This morning I was driving along a busy street, in a fog, sipping strong tea when I saw the geese. I have come to think of geese as very large rats with wings. The outlying Chicagoland area is so infested with these birds that you


“DOG TALK: Lessons Learned from a Life with Dogs” by Harrison Forbes

FRANKLIN, TN, November 27, 2008 /24-7PressRelease/

Renowned pet expert Harrison Forbes, host of the popular nationally syndicated radio show, Pet Talk with Harrison Forbes, has been a dog trainer and behaviorist for over twenty years. A highly sought-after expert on canine behavior, he has worked with many dogs that presented special challenges—dogs with behavioral issues, those damaged by traumatic experiences, and those that were poorly trained in


Barking Up the Wrong Tree

by Barbara Freedman-De Vito

If dog is man’s best friend, then why does our language have so many expressions that portray dogs in a negative light? English abounds with sayings that focus on canine aggression or the sadness of “a dog’s life,” at the mercy of cruel human “masters.” Many of these date from past centuries when life in English-speaking nations was truly more harsh than it is today


Why Dogs Bite

A Short List of Reasons Why Dogs Bite by Michael Royce

Every dog comes equipped with a set of shiny, pointy, sharp teeth. And his or her teeth can be used as a tool or a weapon.

They’re a tool when your pooch uses them to pick up something, scratch an itchy spot, or rip his food apart (dog’s don’t actually chew you know). But they’re also a


Why Does My Cat Bite My Hand When I Stroke Her?

by Larry Chamberlain

You have settled into your favorite armchair, perhaps reading the final chapters of a gripping novel. Suddenly you are aware of the imploring stare of your cat sitting at your feet. You invite her onto your lap. Gently you begin to stroke her and your cat signals her appreciation with an audible purr.

One hand holding your book the other hand continuing to pet your


Animal Noses – What Do They Do?

In our world sight and hearing are far more important to us than our sense of smell.

Granted the smell of fresh baked bread or a steak cooking on the grill can make us weak in the knees, but on the whole, smell is really not the most important thing in our lives.

In the lives of our cats and dogs smell is extremely important. A blind or


How Does Your Pet Speak to You

I’ll bet that every single one of us who has a pet, has carried on a conversation with our animal at one time or another. The question here, however, is how many of us understand what our pets are saying?

Granted some of our pet’s requests are fairly obvious and we understand them, but many times we do not have a clue, and this is where the trouble starts


Can Animals and Animal Behaviors Predict the Weather

Do you think animals can predict the weather? In the USA, a groundhog is still used to predict the weather for up to six weeks in advance. If you see the groundhog’s shadow at noon on the 2nd of February, (Groundhog’s Day) then the weather will be cold and wintry for another six weeks.

Have you ever heard the saying that dogs act nervous and cats get frisky as