15 Signs Your Dog Loves You


With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, who says your Valentine can’t be your perfect pooch?! Let’s take a look at ways you can tell that your pooch holds you in their highest regard, even if they don’t seem like they do!

  1. They will walk all over you.
  2. “Yes, that’s fine, I’d just had my hair done, but that’s OK. How about tomorrow we go for a walk outside rather than just on top of my head?”

  3. They will do anything to lick your face.
  4. “Despite my facial expression, I do enjoy kisses from my dog. No really, I do. Just if someone could please pass me a towel now that’d be great.”

    beware dog kisses - dog can't hold his licker

    Source: Amazon.com

  5. They steal your clothes to take them into their bed.
  6. “That’s fine, I didn’t like those jeans anyway. However, if tomorrow the chosen item is my new Chanel tweed skirt then we might have to have words.”

    dog dragging pants

    Source: YouTube.com

  7. They bring you toys every two minutes.
  8. “If I throw another toy again today I think my arm may just drop off. I know you’re cute and adorable but I just don’t have the energy. Oh OK, maybe one more time then.”

  9. They will always try to sit on your knee.
  10. “Can’t…breathe…”

    dog laying on person

    Source: petsfans.com

  11. They want to follow you everywhere.
  12. “You’ve been in there for two minutes now, which is more than enough time. Don’t just stare at me, and stay there. Fine I’ll start licking your leg until you move.”

  13. They will always jump on you.
  14. “Human! I’ve missed you! No, don’t push me away; I want to lick your face.”

  15. They will cry hysterically when they haven’t seen you for a matter of seconds.
  16. “Well you left me for a whole ten seconds, which just isn’t very nice. What’s this mess you ask? I don’t know; I think it was the cat.”

    guilty looking yellow lab

    Source: aspca.org

  17. They get jealous if you go near another animal.
  18. “I know it was wrong of me. Can you find it in your heart to forgive me? I promise it will never happen again.”

    grown man apologizing to a dog

    Source: dogvacay.com

  19. And if anyone goes near you.
  20. “I don’t like people going near my human. She’s my human. Find your own human.”

    dog protecting sleeping girl

    Source: memes.com

  21. They give you those ‘puppy dog eyes’ all the time.
  22. No matter what they want, they will always get it if they give you this look. How can you possibly be cross when they look at you like this?!

    adorable puppy

    Source: helpeveryanimallive.wordpress.com

  23. They let you dress them up.
  24. Even though they’re not impressed one bit, they love you enough to let you do this to them. Just don’t take advantage and do it too often.

    pug in a wonderwoman costume

    Source: curiousphotos.blogspot.com

  25. They chew everything you love and cherish.
  26. That new cushion you bought… why did you even bother? Then again, it’s almost worth it to see your adorable pooch covered in feathers.

    dog covered in pillow feathers

    Source: telegraph.co.uk

  27. They will wake you up at every available opportunity.
  28. “It’s 6AM human, which is far too much of a lie in already. I’ve tried to make as much noise as I possibly can but that doesn’t seem to be doing the trick. So I’m going to hit you in the face until you wake up.”

    white spitz waking sleeping man

    Source: YouTube.com

  29. They will always wait at the window for you.
  30. “You always leave me for such a long time. If you don’t come back soon I’m going to have to rip something to pieces, and then you won’t be very happy now will you?”


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  1. I will try to remember the next time my dog rips up my stuffed animals that she is doing out of love, not to infuriate me or make me cry.

  2. I definitely agree with most of these. My Sheltie follows me everywhere so number 4 is a big one. I’ll forget something in the kitchen and he’ll be right behind me like we’re pacing lol

  3. Haha. Very true. My dog licks me on my face with every opportunity that he has, he always steals my clothes and sleeps on them. Thank you for this article. It made me laugh and even appreciate more my dog.

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