3 Keys To Success in House Training a Puppy


Number one of the challenges facing a new puppy owner is probably puppy house training. It is challenging for both you and the puppy. It does not have to be this way.

Tons of methods are out there for house training a puppy. Although not all created equal, some have been proven to be very effective. But regardless of the actual method you choose, keep a few things in mind as you being the process.

These 3 little tips will benefit both you and your dog by setting the stage for the creation of a long and happy relationship between the two of you.

1. Realistic Expectations:

If you expect your puppy to do things that he is yet unable to do, the frustration will be shared by both of you. A puppy’s capability of learning is evident. They will catch on quickly to what you are trying to do if you use the correct approach. Being young animals, perfection on their part may be an unreasonable expectation on your part.

When it comes to house training your puppy, you need to be prepared because accidents are going to happen (1). Your job is to not overreact to the accident. Your puppy will not just assume there is a purposeful place to eliminate. An animal will go when they have to go and go where they happen to be.

Puppies cannot hold it for long periods of time. The only way they will know where to go is for you to teach them where they should and where they shouldn’t.

Understanding this will help. The older the puppy, the less frequently they will have to eliminate. Understanding that it is impossible for the puppy to hold it very long and that it is not their fault that they may be disobeying is important.

Having a schedule in place and sticking to it is the best way to learn just how frequently your puppy will have to go out and make training easier. You cannot expect them to do something they are not physically able to do.

2. Consistently Consistent:

Puppy potty training, just like any dog obedience training is about you being consistent. If you are consistent with your puppy house training, your puppy will catch on more quickly. If you vary your routine or ignore your puppy’s behavior, whether it is good or bad, your puppy will be very confused.

If the puppy is unsure of what you expect, he will never be able to please you. It is up to you to make clear exactly what you want your puppy to do. Consistency in the commands and signals given to your puppy is the only proper way to do this.

3. Seize the Moment:

Wanting a well-behaved dog is the wish of all dog owners. Laying the groundwork for that relationship is necessary now, not later. Starting out in the right direction with your puppy will make all the difference in the type of dog he turns out to be as he ages. That all depends on you.

The earlier positive behaviors are reinforced, the easier it will be for you to train your dog as he grows up (2). If you know what to do, you will find that house training a puppy is a breeze.

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(2) https://www.howpup.com/how-to-train-a-dog/


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