3 Quick Tips for Building a Doghouse


Your pup is an important part of your family. A dog is a fun, crazy, exciting addition to any home. If your pup has a passion for chilling outside, rain or shine, consider giving them a doghouse. This way, your fluffy friend has a space for shade and comfort while they run around outdoors having the time of their life. Check out these tips for building a doghouse.

Make the Size Right

This is especially difficult to predict if you have a puppy that hasn’t reached its full size. Give your pup room to grow and ensure the size isn’t too big. They should feel enclosed and safe, but the doghouse shouldn’t be too small either, or your dog won’t fit inside comfortably.

If you have concerns about how big your dog could get, consider asking your veterinarian about predictions for the size of your dog.

Add a Removable Door

In the summer when it’s hot outside, a door for the doghouse could decrease ventilation and make the space too hot for your pup. But in the winter, it may get too cold to hang in the doghouse without a door to keep it warm. Adding a removable door is a great plan for areas with drastic seasonal changes.

Pro Tip: You know your dog and your dog’s breed. A Husky or German Shepard may thrive in chilly temperatures while a pug or bulldog may hate the cold. No matter what the breed, never leave your dog outside unattended for extended periods of time!!

Make the Inside Practical and Comfy

You could make certain adjustments to a traditional doghouse design to make your pup more comfortable. For example, you could install white glass tile flooring. This helps keep your pup cool in the warm weather and you can put a dog bed in the cold weather—it’s also very easy to clean. You can also consider adding a window for some extra light. And your pooch could even watch the outdoor critters run around.

There are so many different tips for building a doghouse out there. You know your pup the best, so try to include features you know they’ll love. Crafting a comfortable space for them is a great step toward making them feel more at ease.


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