4 Ways To Help Your Dog Eat Better


Dogs love food and are always tuned in to their stomachs. They know when it’s time for breakfast and dinner, and they hang around the kitchen hoping we’ll ‘accidentally’ drop something. Most owners feed their pooches twice a day and dole out treats every so often, not considering there are ways they can improve their pet’s eating habits. Read on for four ways to help your dog eat better.

  1. Moisten Their Food
  2. If you feed your dog dry kibble, try adding a little warm water to his bowl. Moistening dry food helps dogs slow their eating and enjoy their meals more. It also makes them feel fuller longer and helps maintain weight control.

    For some variety, add chicken or vegetable broth and your pooch will happily clean his bowl.

  3. Slow Down Their Eating
  4. Some dogs are so excited to eat they wolf down their food in seconds. Not only is this bad for their digestive system, but it can also increase their risk of vomiting.

    Look for slow feed dog bowls and toys in pet stores and online that will force your dog to eat calmly and gently.

  5. Don’t Overfeed
  6. Dogs don’t need as much food as we think they do. It’s easy to be fooled by your pet’s begging, but the truth is, overfeeding can lead to many problems for your pooch. According to Pet MD, overfeeding causes obesity, which makes for an unhappy and unhealthy pooch.

    You may think the occasional piece of turkey from the table and handful of crackers in the kitchen is okay, but it’s a better idea to stick to feeding your dog during meals and designated snack times only.

  7. Add Supplements
  8. There are many nutritional powders and supplements on the market for dogs. These often-flavorless powders can help keep coats shiny, bones and joints strong, and just generally increase your pooch’s all around health and wellness.

    Mix in a spoonful with your dog’s food during meal times and watch him flourish.

Follow these tips and your dog will be the happiest, healthiest pooch on the block!


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  1. Thank you for the article. I have recently change the brand for my dog’s food and facing some issues as my dog is not eating as he uses to eat.
    I think the new food is a bit hard as compare to the previous brand. I am following your first advice and hoping for the positive result. Wish me luck.

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