A Passion for Care: 4 Careers for Animal Lovers


Animals play a large role in many of our individual lives. Whether it’s our family pets or the local wildlife, there’s a lot we can learn from them and, thus, a lot to thank them for. Because of this, many decide to take up the mantel of caring for and protecting these creatures. Here are some of the top careers for animal lovers and how you can make a start in one of these riveting occupations.


For those who have always known they wanted to work with animals, the veterinary field is often the first one they think of. This job requires advanced medical knowledge to address health concerns at their sources and help to solve them. There are even several different specialized areas of veterinary science, so there are always additional career paths to pursue. However, as rewarding and lucrative as this job is, it can also be very demanding and require a lot of advanced schooling, so make sure you’re ready for this commitment.


If you’d rather take a less scientific approach to your career, you can also work with animals as a professional trainer. Trainers work hands-on with several different kinds of pets and even some wildlife to encourage positive behavioral patterns. In most cases, they specialize as dog trainers to help new owners properly educate their puppies for living in the home. However, with a bit more education, you can work with larger animals in zoos. It’s entirely dependent on the area of expertise you want to explore.


You could potentially find work as a dog groomer as well. The process of grooming is essential to maintaining a pet’s health and ensuring its comfortable. As such, by working in this field, you’re also contributing to its happiness and well-being. Dog groomers must be incredibly patient and know how to handle pets that may be a bit nervous on their table. If you’re looking to get a start in this rewarding field, make sure you receive the proper training and use Sensei Shear’s tips for choosing quality pet-grooming shears.

Dog Walker

Another potential career for animal lovers is to walk dogs professionally. Canines love to be on the move, and frequent walks are the key to keeping them both happy and physically fit. But since not all owners have the time or ability to take their beloved pet for an outing themselves, it’s difficult for some pets to get enough activity. Dog walkers work with owners to meet each pet’s walking needs throughout the day and receive special training to handle dogs with behavioral issues on the leash.

Of course, these are just a few possible career paths. In fact, there are hundreds of other potential occupations for those who love animals, so if you have a passion for helping these wonderful companions and want to spend your life working alongside them, simply set your mind to it.


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