A Safe, Fun Day on the Beach with Your Dog


Around 50% of Americans travel in the summer and according to TripAdvisor, around 53% of pet owners do so with their four footed friends. The beach is a popular destination, since families in America love enjoying the Great Outdoors and taking part in a plethora of water sports. If you have chosen the beach as your personal stress busting oasis this Labor day weekend, and you are taking Frido along for the ride, make sure your pooch is safe and sound by following these crucial tips.

Choosing a Dog Friendly Beach

Many dogs love running on the shore and enjoying a refreshing swim, but it is important to ensure yours is welcome at your beach of choice. There are numerous dog friendly beaches in the USA and Europe in particular, with countries like Spain or England known for their fabulous pooch-friendly beaches. Researching beforehand is important because some beaches limit their dog-friendly hours to a specific time frame. Others are free to use all day.

Protecting Your Dog Against Sunburn

Dogs can suffer painful burns just as humans can; this is especially true for dogs with sensitive skin and those with short hair. Visit the beach when the sun is lower in the sky; either prior to 11am or after 6pm. If you plan on staying a full day in the sun, bring a parasol and doggie sunscreen, which should be applied to sensitive areas such as the nose or paws.

Food and Entertainment

If you will be out and about all day, bring a collapsible dog water bottle and ensure your pooch has access to a bowl full to avoid dehydration. You might also like to bring healthy treats he can chew on. Toys are also important; don’t forget to pack your pooch’s favorite Frisbee or ball. Bring a little inflatable raft for him to float on while you are in the water together so he can relax after swimming.

Swimming Safety

If you will be swimming with your dog in the sea, swimming lessons beforehand will go a long way towards helping him feel more secure. Bring a flotation vest for your dog, especially if he is a novice. Try to always ensure an adult in the family is with your dog when he is swimming. This will ensure he is kept safe from big waves and currents. If there are sharp stones on the shore, consider dog boots as a way to avoid cuts and scrapes.

We have mentioned just a few ways to ensure your dog is as happy on your next beach vacation as you are. Keep him safe against the sun, ensure he is wearing flotation gear, and bring his favorite treats. Above all, be aware of the effects of heat and sunburn, and create a safe, shady spot for your dog to lie in on the beach.


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