Barbara McNew’s Critter Litter Invention


Tom over at sent me a quick email to let me know about Barbara McNew’s new invention – the critter litter box. Evidently Barbara doesn’t like emptying her litter box. Does anyone?

Her invention solves the tedious job of litter box duty (pun intended) by making the entire litter box disposable. Hmmm. Interesting indeed.

My first thought was to shun the idea of yet another disposable product in this seemingly disposable-filled world of throw-away things. But then I read more about her invention and started to warm up to the idea…

Her collapsible kitty litter box is 100% biodegradable and I suppose that’s better than using a plastic bag to line the plastic litter box which is cleaned out with chemical cleaners every week. If I were stuck using a litter box I have to admit, I’d give this critter litter a test run.

I actually don’t have any cats at the moment – and the cats I’ve had in the past have all been trained to consider the great outdoors their litter box. It doesn’t work well if you have small children who frequent a sand-box, but otherwise it works. It’s one of the many conveniences of rural living with plenty of room to roam.

If you have cats and traditional litter boxes, you might want to keep an eye out for Barbara’s new invention. And if you have an invention of your own, see Tom over at

12.22.08 – Invention of the Week: Critter Litter

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  1. A clever idea! Take a look at children’s diapers…for the most part, everyone uses disposable ones. Why not take the same approach for litter boxes? The fact that it is 100% biodegradable is just that much better.

    Unfortunately, right now is a bad time to introduce such a product. Certainly the overall cost for the pet owner will be higher. Who wants higher costs these days?

    That being said, I think it is a viable idea. Best of luck to Barbara McNew!

  2. Doggy Travel – Right, my initial reaction to anything disposable as well.
    But I’m not so sure it’s not the most environmentally friendly. Which is worse, the plastic liner bag full of used litter that gets thrown out or this new invention where the entire biodegradable box and used litter gets thrown out.

  3. Seems like a good product, just a bit cumbersome though and something that will take quite a bit of space in the rubbish bin (if you have a normal sized one). Plus, what about smells? That being said, I actually came across something for dogs that takes care of the mess:

    Now the only question is, will it work for cats, too? It’d be rather good if it did – could end up saving loads.

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