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The Great Until

*~Dedicated to those who work in shelters & for all who have ever reached out to help a stray~*

Beyond a shimmering mist is another special land
A place that God created with the brush of His hand

A sun-washed valley, with grass-covered hills
Filled with joy for us, for before the “Great Until”

This place is for we who had no human kin
and those who

Morgana, the Claustrophobic Kitty

For over ten years, my family and I have had several cats sharing our home with us. Our first kittens, Tiger and White Sox, came to us from a friend whose own two cats had produced a litter simultaneously and she was in desperate need to find good homes for them. Next to arrive was Bonnie, whom I brought home after seeing some young kids tormenting her. Then Brat Cat

For the Love of Scotties

Scottish Terrier Rescue
by Jeff Cuckson

Purebred dogs of all breeds can be found in shelters, and volunteers can be found in every state to seek them out. Scottish Terriers, West Highland White Terriers, and even breeds considered rare, all pass through shelters every year. Those who perform Scottish Terrier rescue are committed to matching homeless terriers with loving new owners.

Dog owners give up their pets for

Canine Katrina Victim Heads Home

Hurricane Katrina Great Dane Puppy

After a long and arduous dogfight of a custody battle, a canine victim of Hurricane Katrina is on his way back home to Louisiana. A New Jersey judge ruled, Thursday, that “Pluto” is the property of his original owner, Annabelle Arguello, and not the property of the couple, from Flemington, who later adopted the Great Dane after he had been left

Shelters & Rescues
Rescue A Pet!!

Over the past couple of years, animal rescues have been gaining popularity and support from all sorts of pet lovers. Basically what rescues do is take in animals and adopt them out to loving homes. Local animal shelters can only provide minimal support for pets needing homes. As a result euthanasia is an unfortunate reality of overpopulated shelters. With the over population of shelters such as the SPCA rescue organizations

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