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Weekly Tweets 2011-08-09

When Tragedy Strikes, We Respond # ASPCA | August 5, 2011 via @aspca # How NOT to act around a horse (or any other animal, or people for…

Weekly Tweets 2011-08-02

@tweettop username @PetsBlogs :] # "My goal in life is to be as good of a person my dog already thinks I am." Anyone know the author of this…

Weekly Tweets 2011-07-26

Animal species about to go extinct. # Special Offer for PetsBlogs followers: TerraPaws All Natural Pet Treats, 20%off . . . BL20 – # ASPCA is asking us…

Weekly Tweets 2011-07-12

The Horse | Stem Cells and Tissue Healing in Horses # Consumer Reports shows you how you can tame your pet costs # ASPCA Catnap Photo Contest Winners|…

Weekly Tweets 2011-06-07

Read this eye opening experience…it will make you think. # APSCA provides rescue, relief and hope to pets effected by all the recent disasters. # 10 Dogs Training…

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