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Cesar Millan Becomes a U.S. Citizen


Popular TV Star and Best-selling Author Sworn in This Morning in Los Angeles

(WASHINGTON, D.C. — MARCH 12, 2009) Cesar Millan — star of the Emmy-nominated National Geographic Channel hit series Dog Whisperer and best-selling author — took the oath today to officially become a U.S. citizen. Cesar, who passed his citizenship test earlier this year, attended the swearing in-ceremony this morning with dozens of others in Montebello, Calif., just north of Los Angeles. Cesar was joined by his wife Ilusion and two sons, Andre and Calvin, who attended to cheer him on (they are already U.S. citizens).

“This is the ultimate culmination of living the American dream,” said Millan. “Becoming an U.S. citizen has been a goal of mine since I first came to this great country. I have much to thank this country for, and all of the success it has afforded me and my family, and now I am proud to be a citizen.”

Millan, who shot to fame in 2003 when his series premiered on the National Geographic Channel, was born in Mexico. He has a special gift for rehabilitating dogs and training their owners. His unique talent with dogs first developed on his grandfather’s farm in Mexico, where he learned at a very young age the importance of respecting Mother Nature. He chronicles his childhood in Mexico and how he crossed the border as a young man in his first best-selling book “Cesar’s Way.” He has been a legal resident of the United States since 2000.

Cesar is currently working on his fourth book, to be released this fall, and starts filming this week for the sixth season of Dog Whisperer.

Dog Whisperer — which celebrated its 100th episode last fall — is a staple of NGC’s Friday night programming. The second and third seasons of Dog Whisperer each received nominations for the Primetime Emmy for Best Reality Series. The show continues to document Cesar’s amazing rehabilitations of problem dogs, and will also include special episodes such as an upcoming look at puppy mills.

Cesar Millan
Cesar Millan


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  1. CESAR IS MACK BOOGLEY i watch his show everyday. He is gonna be starring in a new movie that’s coming out. Not announced yet, but they have began filming is the area.

  2. Kristen Husband Jake on

    CESAR IS AWESOME congrats to you my main man for getting US serious. You deserve it like everyone else does too. You are the man and I really treasure the time that we spent together. Talk to you at the awards. “Time us priceless and life is life that box O’ chocolattes.”

  3. joann grimaudo on

    thank you cesar for helping train my new dog she will be 2 in july and is a dream to be with part king charles and part chaua 23 lbs. i watch your show as offen as possible and took control. chicky (her name) has a lot of energy but coms down with key works. wonderful. thanks again.

  4. Theresa Macintosh on

    I love your program Cesar it is so entertaining and very helpful, sorry to hear about
    Daddys passing.
    Good luck with future programs, and best wishes from SOUTH AFRICA.

  5. I love your show i haven’t missed one.and i can’t wait to see you Nov.10th in Vancouver friend has a 16 yr. cockapoo that is deaf, you did have one show ( I think) that had some info on dealing with a dog that is deaf… he has some separation issues etc. so she needs help..she is coming also in hopes of learning something to help her with him.. keep up the good work and may god bless…Frances…

  6. (DVD) People Training For Dogs is a `must have’ for any dog owner or future dog owner! You owe it to yoesrulf and your dog. Buy this as a present for every dog owner you know!I have been a follower of Cesar Millan since the very first time I saw `Dog Whisperer’. There are few people whom I truly respect and admire, and Cesar is at the top of the list. His contribution to canines and humans can’t be measured.For 14 years I worked as kennel manager at a veterinary college, where I provided all the care for a pack of approximately 65 dogs. I have a B.S. degree in Animal Science and have had my own dogs for many years. But even with all of my experience, Cesar showed me aspects of canine versus human behavior I overlooked or just didn’t comprehend.Cesar Millan’s approach to understanding dogs and improving the human-dog relationship centers around the need for the dog to view the human as the pack leader, and how all too often the human unknowingly and unintentionally fails (because all we want to do is love, love, love our dogs) in recognizing and meeting the dog’s needs to keep them psychologically balanced. There are no `bad’ dogs, only dogs that are in a state of unbalance. In People Training For Dogs Cesar explains the factors which play a role in how and why dogs become unbalanced and how dog owners can improve their human-dog relationship.For those who are familiar with the tv show Dog Whisperer , this dvd portrays a more in depth look into Cesar Millan’s philosophy on dog psychology and behavior. Unlike the tv shows, which show specific cases of dog behavioral problems, this dvd makes you feel as if you are personally involved in attending one of Cesar’s seminars and visiting his Dog Psychology Center. People Training For Dogs delivers a vast amount of enlightening information in a way which is easy to understand and often humorous. This dvd is for everybody, even those who feel that their dogs are perfect. You’d be surprised at what you didn’t know about dogs!Cesar, please keep going with all of your efforts! We all need you! I’m hoping that your children follow your footsteps and perhaps one of them will open up a Dog Psychology Center in upstate New York! There are a lot of people here who would line up at your door!

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