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Keeping Cats Cool In The Summer Heat


For most of us, we love the heat of the summer after the chill of the winter. It’s a time when we can get out the shorts, plan on swimming in pools or the nearest lake, picnic beneath umbrellas and enjoy the summer warmth all season long. But kitty doesn’t have the options of cooling off the way humans do. They aren’t going to jump in the pool, and they can’t wear shorts or short sleeved shirts.

For many cat owners, once summer comes around, the air conditioning will be keeping the house cool. And if you are the type that would rather have your home at a pre-set temperature all summer long, you won’t have to worry much about your cat and summer heat. But if you are the type of person who uses their air conditioning only on the hottest days, or if you don’t have any air conditioning at all, you’ll have to take your furry friend into consideration and keep them just as cool as you are.

Fresh Water

cat licking water coming from a sink faucet
Just like humans, cats can dehydrate from the heat of the summer, and as health officials always tell humans to drink a lot of fluids, you should always make sure there is plenty of water for your kitty. If you only have one dish of water out for Fluffy during other parts of the year, during the summer time, put out a couple of more dishes of water in other rooms where they like to hang out. Make sure a lot of water is always available so your kitty never has a chance to go thirsty on the hottest days.

A Shady Spot

cat lounging under a shade tree in summer
Many people like to let their cats out on a leash during the summer months, and if that’s the case for you, always make sure there is a dish of water handy and a shady place to lie down. Let’s face it. If you were stuck outside and had no shade to relax in on a hot summer day, you would be miserable. Well, so will your cat if not given that option. Plus, they could overheat and get sick. So always make sure there is some type of shady spot to rest in and plenty of water to drink.

A Little Breeze


Just like you, kitty might appreciate the breeze from a fan. This will be especially true for cats that have longer fur. A small desk fan works, and you can aim it at a spot where your cat loves to lay and rest. That little bit of blowing air over and through their fur might make all the difference between an overheated cat and a smiling purr face.

A Good Grooming

long-haired, orange cat with a lion cut groom
The less hair a kitty has on their body, the more comfortable it will be in the heat of summer. Brushing often to remove dead and shedding hair is a great way to keep them cool. But if your kitty is one of the longer hair types, maybe a trip to a professional groomer and a haircut are in order. A “lions cut” as they are called, gets rid of a lot of the body hair while keeping the hair around the head and face area. This is a sure-fire way to keep your cat cool and comfy all summer long.

Safety First

cat and a pet carrier inside a car
In any weather, but especially in the summer, cats should never be left in a car all alone. Cars can heat up quickly to the point where the interior heat can kill a cat within minutes. Never ever leave your cat inside of a car alone, period.

Another safety factor means you should always be aware that cats love to explore different places. They can sneak into closed off rooms, sheds, garages, sunrooms, and you may not know it. All of these spaces will heat up fast in the summer, and where early in the morning they may have been a cool place for a nap, by mid-afternoon, they could become a death trap.

Be aware of where your cat is, particularly during the summer months, to keep them cool, happy and healthy, all summer long.


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This post contains affiliate links, which means we earn a commission for sales referred from links on our site. We're also Amazon Associates, so we may earn from those qualifying purchases, too. Learn more!