“Cool” Dog Costumes


I know, it’s July. What do costumes have to do with the heat of summer, cookouts, and the pool? Easy – I have a 10-year-old granddaughter who likes to plan parties for the family and the 4th of July is on her list of to-do’s this year.

She’s decided to have a luau because we recently gave her a grass skirt and flower lei to play with. Unfortunately, that’s the only luau party decorations she has and when she plans a party, decorations are first on her list. That’s the reasoning behind our latest shopping excursion (online of course) and while looking for luau party supplies we found a diamond in the RUFF. Check it out!

Did you know they make fun summer party clothes for dogs? It’s true.

Anyone with kids and a pet would be lying if they said they’ve never dressed up their dog or cat in something. Either they’re lying or they didn’t catch the kids in the act of placing a hat or a t-shirt or any number of clothing articles on the family pet. My own dogs have had sweaters, raincoats, and hoodies and I know sometimes people dress up their pets for Halloween, but would you believe we actually found luau costumes for dogs?

Yeah, I hardly believed it either.

So now we’re waiting on the arrival of palm tree props, a tropical window view, some totally gnarly “surf’s up” dinner plates, and other party favors. We’re also awaiting, quite impatiently, the arrival of these tiki dog costumes for the big bash.


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  1. Sakari_caltex on

    I LOVE that luau costume! So bright and cheery. I’m going to do something similar for my dog at his upcoming birthday party this year (actually it’s more like the anniversary I adopted him, not his actual date of birth). I’m also thinking of getting a customized collar at http://www.coolpetboutique.com/ in line with the Hawaiian theme. Maybe a doggy collar with shells?

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